Designed and developed a Novel smartphone health app electronically linked to US FDA-approved devices that combines the know-how of the Indian data business cultivated over many years with Indian IT human resources and expertise in the medical field. A system that can record health values, remotely, from sphygmomanometers, body composition monitors, and activity monitors and support users in groups. MarineTech digital health tools support healthy lifestyles such as walking habits. It is characterized by content that can be used to raise health awareness through daily health messages.

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Natural material of the Arabian Sea, ingredients for feed, cosmetics and pharma


India, which has a large land area and coastline, is a maritime power. It has abundant marine natural resources and Indian
sardine is a raw material for high-quality feed. From the fish procured from hundreds of fishermen who sell a part of their catch for value-addition, from the beautiful blue sea, we procure premium materials for feed, cosmetics and pharma materials — marine materials that are not found in Japan and medicinal herbs that grow on a wide land area to support healthy living. MarineTech sells over 1000 tons of these materials annually.

Natural Squalane Oil for Itchy Dry Skin “Dermame”


Marine Tech’s squalene and squalene oil
(hydrogenated to prevent oxidation) are natural oils that gives skin plenty of moisture. The dry skin is moistened like the sea. Contains plenty of deep sea nutrients, rich in natural vitamins and minerals, 100% natural ingredients! Gentle on sensitive skin, it is a smooth and pleasant oil. Considered by experts to be the best base for any cosmetics.